Hi, I’m James Oliver
The owner of Evolved Toaster.

I first created a WordPress website in 2014 with no clue what I was doing.
Still, I managed to make a whopping £2.66 in Ads. Impressive!

It may not seem like a lot (it isn't) but armed with the knowledge that making money online is possible. I decided to dive into the rabbit hole of building websites, which then turned into SEO.

SEO is optimising your website for search engines to rank it, and there are several reasons why it's the best form of marketing.

It's Inbound (so you don't annoy your customers).
You don't have to keep pouring money into it, like ads.
You get high-quality traffic.
You build trust.

So, I went all in and built multiple websites then ranked them on Google... And still do.

I then set up Evolved Toaster to help people with their websites, so if you need a website or SEO work, let me know.

We are confident.
We are fast.
We are honest and direct.
When we accept a project, we are all in.
We consider ourselves partners. Your wins are our wins.
We provide helpful extras to help your business even after using our services.
If you appreciate these qualities in a partner, then get in touch or come over for a coffee.
Better yet, let’s have a virtual coffee and talk about your project.

Ready to start a project?